Dead Pieces

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Fable Online

. So you may have noticed that I am a wee bit terrible at blogging. Just a bit.

A while ago, one of my poems was published in the 19th issue of Fable Online. Check it out, the issues are always full of interesting stories and poetry. I’m on page 16.

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#1LineWed 3/1/2017

This weeks #1lineWed theme is Birthday.

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Teasers and Shenanigans

Behind Allene, Taryn turned around and gave him a mischievous grin. Aiden suddenly remembered watching the news with his mom one night. A whole town was messed all up after a storm came through. They had named the storm Daisy.

“How could something that sounded so cute and innocent cause all of that?” He had asked.

And now he understood, he thought as he looked at the mess they had left. This was the after effects of Hurricane Taryn. He wasn’t sure if he was really a part of it all, or if he was just one of those survivors you see on the news- shaken up and sharing the tale.


Things are happening again. <3


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Hello there!

Hello again!

I didn’t mention in my last post, but I’m back from a quick little family vacation. A weekend of exploring and silliness was just what I needed. We visited The Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois and made a little stop on the way home. I’ve posted photos on Instagram and Twitter if you’d like to check it out.

And follow me if you haven’t already! I’m new to the whole Instagram thing- help me make sense of it.

What adventures have you been swept up in this summer?

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