there are no vampires in this book

Title: There Are No Vampires In This Book
Author: Megan Bailey
Cover Design: P.S. Cover Design
 Release Date: June 2, 2015
 ISBN: 978-1514131633
Pages: 194
There Are No Vampires In This Book


She wasn’t like other girls- not after that night, that thing, took her parents from her. She made it through hospitals, doctors, and therapy by playing by their rules and saying all the things they wanted to hear. But, inside, she held on to the truth.
She knew what she saw.

With her two closest friends at her side, she dedicated herself to a mission. She would train and she would hunt. When the time came, she would be ready. No one she loved would be hurt by one of those monsters ever again

But with high school behind them, new found freedom comes with new responsibilities and new problems. Instead of weapons and self defense classes, she now has jobs and bills. The relationship with her best friend was suddenly shifting into new, scary territories. How could she take down bad guys if she couldn’t get her own life in order?

A mysterious stranger who pops up in suspicious places and throws off all sorts of bad vibes. His face now starred in her regular nightmares and plagued her thoughts in the day. Was she overreacting? Or, was this finally the monster she had been waiting for? As the scars of Taryn’s past rise up to haunt her, she begins to question herself. With her mission faltering and her friendship off kilter, would life ever be the same again?
Would she ever be the same?




Taryn made sure to keep a normal distance away from her target, so they could avoid detection. That might spook him or bring about a confrontation. And wouldn’t that be awkward? She needed… she didn’t know what just yet. Just more information, she supposed. Something to calm her nagging gut feeling.

“So… is this how you pick up guys?” Kenzie was just behind Taryn as she eyeballed the creepy guy from the graveyard. “Stalk them for a bit? Because I think I need to give you some pointers.”

Taryn’s face screwed up in a twist of pure What-the-hell.

“I don’t want to pick him up. I want to make sure he’s not a bloodsucking monster!” she whispered in an overly loud manner. Beside them, Aiden frowned.

“Uh-huh. So the first really hot guy you stumble upon just happens to be a possible vampire?” Kenzie’s cheeks almost split in two; her grin was so wide.

Taryn slapped her arm hard.


“Shh!” Taryn hushed her with waving arms and a disapproving face. “He’s going to hear us!”

“How is that guy hot? He looks homeless.” Aiden’s frown seemed to be glued on. “Or like a drug dealer. That guy is not hot.”

“Are you the resident authority on male hotness?” Taryn poked him in the side. When he didn’t smile, she poked him again and again until he swatted at her finger.

“So you do think he’s hot?” he accused. Kenzie popped her head in between them and eyeballed the back of their victim as he walked away.

“Yeah. He’s hot…” She sighed. Catching the stern look from Aiden, she quickly tacked on, “…if you like that whole brooding, dark and serious bad-boy thing. But I mean, who does? Not this girl.” She waved her hand dismissively. “Nope. Not you either, Taryn. Yeesh, why would I even suggest that? She’s too smart and sensible for that schtick.”

“Smooth, Kenz. Real smooth.” Taryn laughed. In the corner of her eye, she caught the muscles in Aiden’s jaw stand out as he ground his teeth. She turned her head and really looked at him. He was genuinely irritated.

“You okay, Aid?” She reached out and put a hand on his arm. He gave her a brief nod and looked away. So not like him. What the hell was going on with everyone lately?

They watched the guy enter a bar, and hesitated. From the outside, it looked like a crappy hole in the wall. Kenzie crinkled her nose and took a step back.

“Okay, now can we go home?” she asked. “There are a lot of bikes outside that place.”

“Now who’s being prejudiced?” Taryn sniffed at her.

The pink-and-blue neon sign blinked on and off, The Lucky Lady, casting the sidewalk into hues. In the window, another neon light blinked OPEN in red and blue. It was hard to see clearly through to the crowd inside, but Taryn could tell there were quite a few bodies moving around in there. It looked cramped and crowded.

“Let’s go in,” she said as she started forward. Aiden grabbed her wrist and gently tugged back. She looked down at his hand and looked up, one eyebrow asking her silent question.

“How about we go home and mark out on a map the places we’ve seen him? It’s easier to stay incognito if we keep our distance,” he offered.

It was a good, solid suggestion, but her curiosity was nipping at her heels. She wanted to know what this guy was doing, and she wanted to know what kind of trouble was inside those doors. Call her crazy — okay, really crazy — but she was up for an adventure tonight.



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“I recommended it to anyone who likes reading books that are good.” – J. Hooligan, Platypire Reviews

“Beautifully written, with an engaging plot, witty dialogues and fascinating characters, the author introduces us into a story full of twists and turns, friendship, hardship, relationship, and a lot of other ships.” – Romorror Fan Girl

“The story has twists and turns and this reader was sure of the end, but was blown away by the ending she didn’t see coming at all.”- The Book Curmudgeon

“If you’re looking for a book that will make you feel a little of everything, I highly recommend picking up this beauty.”Maribel, Platypire Reviews

“Ms. Bailey writes a good tale. And to be honest, the title cracks me up!”- Textual Love

“I loved the dialogue and I really enjoyed the suspenseful moments that made me want to put down the book and hide under the covers.”- Moxxley, Platypire Reviews


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About the Author


 Megan Bailey is a novelist and short story author. When not writing, she loves playing video games for way too many hours and reading everything she can get her hands on. Megan is married to her own wise-cracking, romantic hero. They live in Central Illinois with their two devious/darling daughters and three furbabies: Minna the boxer dog, Logan the black cat, and Gimli the dwarf bunny. Catch up with her at :

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